Giving infants the best daycare

Giving infants the best daycare


We has always been to give children the best possible start in life. What better way than to begin as early as two months old with the school’s infant centers. Baby Art, Baby Gym, Baby Read, Baby Touch, Baby Chef, Baby Music, Baby Sensory Play, and Sunshine Baby are included in the Infant Programmed.

The programmed is comprehensive and capitalizes on the optimal period of learning during the first three years of an infant’s development. The holistic perspective emphasizes the physical, sensory, motor, perceptual, cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional development of infants.

A holistic curriculum for infant development

Babies require stimulation to encourage their exploration of the world through their five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Through a programmed that creates specialized learning spaces, infants are placed in an environment that allows them to experience a variety of stimuli in a safe and supportive setting. The children’s house has designed beautiful spaces for infants.

The play area is brightly colored, surrounded by books and toys, with padded crawl spaces and large windows for natural light. The furnishings and amenities in the environment are scaled down to provide a safe and secure environment for the young children. The experienced and qualified caretakers (aunts) interact with the infants and help them feel at ease in the environment. Parents can rest assured that the center is based on a care, attachment, and play model.

Core characteristics of the Infant application

Caregiving – It provides the environment in which the majority of infant learning occurs. It emphasizes respectful, responsive, and reciprocal interactions between infants and their careers during routine caregiving. The promotion of infant well-being and comfort is given careful attention. Attachment – Infants thrive and develop optimally in environments that are nurturing, loving, and responsive. Infants are encouraged to explore and develop a sense of self-identity and self-esteem when their senses of trust, security, and attachment are fostered.

Play enables infants to observe and learn about the world and improves their cognitive abilities, language skills, physical abilities, emotional regulation, and self-awareness. Through an integrated Montessori curriculum, the children’s house seeks to cultivate a generation of children who are socially and emotionally balanced, resilient, and environmentally conscious. The teachers and careers at the children’s house are trained and experienced in providing memorable and positive learning experiences, as well as forming close partnerships with the child’s parents in order to meet their needs.

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